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Our Club Leadership is made up of volunteers from all around the community.  We value and appreciate anyone that contributes their time and efforts to the Club.  If you are interested in serving on our Board please reach out to us, or come to an upcoming Board Meeting.

Current Slate of Club Officers

President:  Dave Higgins - Triose Inc.

1st Vice President:  Rick Croy - Global Sales & Marketing

2nd Vice President:  Paul Licata - BDI Machinery Sales

Treasurer:  Matthew Skinner - RST Solutions Inc.

Secretary:  Joe Booth - Summit Software

Board Of Governors

Ron Brown - NFI Inc.

Neil Fox - A Duie Pyle

Jonathan Yock - Rogue Wave International

Dylan Drager - Penske

Saige Pacholok - RST Solutions

Tammy Rabino - SMC3


Tyler Burkhart - Fundamental Labor Solutions

Denis Cela - NFI Industries

Alex Damiani  - Westgate Logistics


Any Club member can participate in a committee.  If you can lend experise to a topic or just want to help out, please reach out to us.

Entertainment & Program

Mark Fiorini (c) * Jessie Valentine Geyer * Rick Croy

By Laws

Fred Koeck (c) * Jessie Valentine Geyer * Open

Audit & Compliance

Linda Dean (c) * Ron Brown * Matt Skinner

(c) Committee Chair


Mark Fiorini (c) * Neil Fox * Jonathan Yock * Robert Dolan


Saige Pacholok (c) * Tammy Rabino * Paul Licata


Ed Burns (c) * Dave Higgins * Dylan Drager


 Dave Higgins (c) * Ed Burns * Joe Booth

Guiding Club Objectives

The purpose of the club shall be to cultivate and promote the interest of the transportation industry as a whole through establishing and cultivating measures for close relationships between its members and others engaged in the transportation of freight and passengers, as carriers and as shippers, and to conduct educational programs in the field of transportation. To award annually a scholarship to a family member, or person who is a member of the Traffic Club, who embodies the purpose or direction of the organization.

Article II, Bylaws & Constitution, Adopted May 8, 1934, Revised November 11, 2013

Traffic Club of the Lehigh Valley

PO Box 91362

Allentown PA, 18109

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